Review of Learning Apache Maven 3

The first chapter of Learning Apache Maven 3 screencast video series of Packt Publishing starts by explaining the installation process on Windows operating system, Linux, and Mac OSX. Also the videos shows the way to configure Maven on Eclipse IDE by downloading the m2eclipse plugin, on IntelliJ IDEA 12.0.4, and NetBeans 7.3. Eclipse is the selected IDE for the author to show all examples. These videos are really quick and they’ll seems like the time goes very fast but they are very well explained.

In the beginning of each section/chapter, the author mentions the agenda listing all that is to be treated. In the second section he shows how to create an application using the Maven Archetype plugin, curiously before going on the implementation of the example, the author claims in the core concepts and terminology after the flow graph which manages to make this creation.

The examples of the usage of the plugin shown creating an application, unit tests integration tests. After that, shows an example for web applications, dependencies management, integration with Struts2, Hibernate, Spring, and Tomcat.

Finally, the videos shows the creation of a multi-module project, to be exact 4 modules: a Multimodule Parent, a WebService, a WebService client, and a WebApplication, and in two ways: using a flat structure and a structure with inheritance; explaining the architecture and core concepts such as Aggregation Project, Build, Inheritance.

In my view, the videos are pretty good for people trying to learn things a little off the beaten path, I found it very interesting to see things such as central repository and the specifying the scopes of all libraries in the modules. Also, at first glance, the videos could not prove to be attractive to professionals who have extensive experience with Maven, because it contains tutorials showing a way how to start and is not a cookbook.