Review of Instant Apache Solr for Indexing Data How-to

This book starts with a good intention that the author defined, I mean he clearly points to what the book is done and the way in which the reader will travel.

One of the first things I liked is that the examples are on GitHub, this gives us the facility to have a feedback to the author. All examples have been carefully categorized according to the level of complexity, from simple to advanced.

It is amazing that Alexandre Rafalovitch (the author) has obviated the Solr installation process in the book, since it is a readily available resource and too trite in every book, not just for Solr, as many authors have dealt largely a chapter on this subject, while Alexandre tries to go straight to the heart of how to use Solr.

The author mentions also many tips and tricks for a quick fix common mistakes that can have as beginners, he has combined nicely presenting examples throughout the book with practical and useful tips.

I must congratulate Alexander for doing a great job, I’m usually very sharp to find errors in the book and in this I have not been able to do. This book has a lot of readability and comprehensibility, this is a key point to consider the book for learning Solr.


My preference for using Solr is not involved in my general appreciation for this book.